Learn to meet death and loss in healthier and more soul‑honoring ways

Join us in May 2024 for A Sacred Deathcare Learning Series with Dr Sarah Kerr, PhD

Sydney & Melbourne

Death is hard and sad, but it doesn’t have to be frightening or confusing

When you understand the soul’s journey through the dying and bereavement process, you’ll be able to help people integrate these difficult experiences, and move through them with grace.

If you can meet death and loss this way, immense love and beauty is possible, even while there is pain.

Join us for any or all of the events in The Sacred Deathcare Learning Series and be part of creating a culture where transformative loss is honoured as an important part of our spiritual journey.

Inspirational and Practical Teachings for

Everyday Mortals
Family members, friends, ill or dying people, and anyone wanting to meet death with more grace and confidence.

Healthcare and Other Professionals
Medical, palliative, or funeral professionals, bodyworkers, counselors, birth doulas, energy workers, chaplains, social workers, hospice volunteers, and others wanting to better support their patients and clients through death and loss.

Existing and Emerging Death Doulas
Deathcare practitioners wanting to bring ritual skills and an inclusive, nature-based spiritual perspective to their practice.

About Dr Sarah Kerr PhD

As founder of The Centre for Sacred Deathcare, Sarah helps people learn to meet death with grace and confidence.

Sarah’s work draws on nature-based spirituality, modern consciousness research, and the richness of the human soul. Her teachings help people to clarify what